The Safe Haven

Home. The safe haven, offering refuge from trials and tribulations of life.
This is our fortress. And it has more meaning than ever. It shelters us, offering us refuge from the world outside, and joy, upon waking into a new dawn.
It is where we invite loved ones, to share precious moments and make memories. Let your home, speak for itself.

To end this off with a quote:
“Home is where one starts from.” –T.S. Eliot

The Modern Classic

The year is 1890. Imagine, a member of the British Royal Navy on deck. A steady weather eye on the horizon. and he is protecting himself from the cold sea wind, navy blue collars lifted. The double-breasted coat with its thick wool, double layered, covering his chest. He can stand the test of nature. He is safe. This is how far the peacoat reaches, and further.

Today, the modern-day gentleman, or the function driven man, both still rely on the peacoat. Classics are called classics for a reason. Wool is the only material, that can absorb humidity and therefor keep you warm throughout those nippy winters or chasing the horizon on a deck of a ship. In addition, this particular Ted Baker peacoat is teflon coated for extra insulation, and the cut is modern and slimmed in comparison to its historic counterpart.

Hence the term: a modern classic.